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optimiser le soin des peaux pp strategies et solutions - Vernixa

Optimizing PP(+) Skin Care: Vernixa Strategies and Solutions

Discover how to navigate the specificities of the PP(+) skin typology, characterized by advanced cutaneous aging, high resistance to oxidation, and increased sebum production. This Vernixa article dives into the best skincare practices and products for revealing the natural beauty of this complex skin.

le sodium citrate cle de voute pour les soins des peaux sensibles - Vernixa

Sodium Citrate: Key to Sensitive Skin Care

Explore how sodium citrate revolutionizes sensitive skin care by stabilizing pH, improving product properties and masking odors, illustrated by its use in Vernixa’s natural formulations.

sodium pca un ingredient cle pour une hydratation profonde et naturelle de la peau - Vernixa

Sodium PCA: A Key Ingredient for Deep, Natural Skin Moisturization

This article explores the benefits of Sodium PCA, an essential natural ingredient for deep skin hydration. It details its properties, including its role in moisturizing and soothing sensitive skin, and its impact on skin aging, highlighting its importance in eco-friendly cosmetics.

Phytic Acid: A Treasure for Healthy, Lush Skin

Discover the benefits of phytic acid, a revolutionary natural ingredient for skin care. This article explores its antioxidant, brightening and soothing properties, revealing how it can enhance your beauty routine.

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