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Advanced Melasma Control: Key Cosmetic Ingredients



Melasma, that aesthetic scourge also known as pregnancy mask, has long frustrated those it affects. Its appearance, often linked to hormonal causes or excessive sun exposure, presents dark pigmented spots mainly on the face. On the one hand, this skin condition mainly affects women, exacerbating problems of self-esteem. On the other hand, advances in scientific research offer a glimmer of hope to sufferers, in the form of effective, innovative cosmetic active ingredients.

Crusades against Melasma

The fight against melasma is not a simple task; it’s a real crusade that requires perseverance and precision. Drawing on the latest scientific advances, cutting-edge cosmetic active ingredients are bursting onto the market, promising targeted action against these stubborn spots. The formulations we’ve developed incorporate components whose efficacy has been rigorously tested, opening the door to a new era in the fight against melasma.

Brightening active ingredients: A Powerful Arsenal

Exploring Niacinamide

Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, has become a mainstay in the care of melasma-prone skin. Its multifaceted action includes reducing inflammation, improving the skin barrier and having a notable influence on reducing hyperpigmentation. Its ability to inhibit the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes makes it an indispensable element in any formulation designed to lighten the skin.

The Influence of Tranexamic Acid

Tranexamic acid represents a significant breakthrough in the treatment of melasma. Traditionally used to control bleeding, this acid has revealed its capabilities in the aesthetic field through its specific action on the inflammatory mechanisms that fuel the melanogenesis process. Its ability to reduce the appearance of epidermal melasma without the side effects of more aggressive treatments puts it at the heart of recommendations.

Innovative active ingredients: Towards a more even complexion

Discovery of Alpha-Arbutin

Considered a breakthrough in the field of depigmentation, alpha-arbutin acts as a competitive inhibitor of tyrosinase, the keystone of melanin synthesis. Its effectiveness is based on a gentle yet powerful action, offering a welcome alternative to more aggressive depigmenting agents. This characteristic makes it a component of choice in anti-melasma treatment strategies.

Azelaic Acid and Vitamin C: Dynamic Duo

The combination of azelaic acid and vitamin C illustrates innovation in the treatment of melasma. Azelaic acid, derived from natural grains, acts by inhibiting melanin synthesis, while vitamin C has antioxidant properties that protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. Together, they have formulated a two-pronged approach aimed not only at reducing hyperpigmentation, but also at preventing it from occurring in the first place.


Navigating the complexities of melasma treatment requires more than sheer willpower; it requires an in-depth knowledge of cosmetic active ingredients and their specific action on the skin. Thanks to ongoing innovations in this field, individuals affected by this condition now have powerful, targeted solutions to restore radiant, even skin.

Vernixa is committed to providing skin-friendly products, enriched with these active ingredients, suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

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Vernixa Hydra Wash
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I use Hydra Lavant daily to cleanse my four-year-old daughter: a real sensation of care on application, a delicate foam, a product that rinses off easily and leaves a perceptible protective film. Even after drying, the skin is supple and emollient. My daughter no longer feels any tightness, even in this winter season. As for me, I use it to remove my make-up in the shower, it's super gentle on the face and removes make-up residue without aggression. At last, a cleanser in which every ingredient has added value, and which truly respects fragile skin!
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Dj****** C
Vernixa Hydra Cream
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My skin is better cared for As someone who neglected skincare, Vernixa was a revelation. The light application has simplified my routine, leaving my skin feeling well cared for and radiant.
Vernixa Hydra Cream
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As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I'm normally very reluctant to use them. But the Vernixa cream has changed all that! Its natural composition soothed my skin without causing irritation.

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