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Lipidic V®: Our patented scientific innovation


We drew inspiration fromvernix caseosa to create our own active ingredient: Lipidic V®.

Vernixcaseosa is a natural, white, waxy substance that covers the skin of the fetus during the intrauterine period, particularly in the last months of pregnancy.

Caseosa varnish

Here are a few key points about vernix caseosa:
  1. Composition: Mainly composed of dead epidermal cells and secretions from fetal sebaceous glands.

  2. Function: It plays several crucial roles:

    • It acts as a protective barrier against the aqueous environment of the amnion, preventing the fetal skin from cracking or softening.
    • It has antimicrobial properties that protect the fetus against infection.
    • It facilitates the newborn’s passage through the birth canal by acting as a lubricant.
  3. After birth: At birth, some newborns are still covered in vernix caseosa, especially those born prematurely. It is recommended not to wash the vernix immediately, as it can continue to offer protection and hydration to the newborn’s skin during the first days of life.

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The creation of Lipidic V 

Being unique in terms of structure, function and composition, a baby’s skin requires specific care to maintain its health and integrity due to its distinct characteristics.

Lipidic V® is a biomimetic, bio-available lipid complex, reproducing the lipid composition of vernix caseosa and offering a continuum. The newborn is in contact with molecules identical to those encountered during pregnancy.

A baby's skin is different,
so must its care

–  Nabila Belhaj, Ph.D

Baby's skin

Structural features :

  • Thickness: The skin is much thinner, especially the epidermis.
  • Skin barrier: Less effective due to reduced lipid concentration in the stratum corneum.
  • Hydration: Retains more water but is also more susceptible to dehydration.
  • Sebaceous and sweat glands : hyperactive sebaceous glands after birth, less functional sweat glands.

Functional features :

    • pH: More neutral or slightly alkaline at birth, becoming more acidic a few days later.
    • Thermoregulation: Less efficient due to larger body surface area relative to mass and thinner fat layer.
    • Skin microflora: The skin is rapidly colonized after birth, with microflora constantly evolving during the first year.
    • Sensitivity: More sensitive to irritants, chemicals and environmental changes.

Adult skin

Structural features :

  • Thickness: Skin becomes thicker with age, but can become thinner with aging.
  • Skin barrier: more robust and resistant.
  • Hydration: Contains less water and may lose its ability to retain moisture with age.
  • Sebaceous and sweat glands: generally balanced sebum production, influenced by hormonal and genetic factors.

Functional features :

  • pH: Generally more acidic, contributing to the antimicrobial barrier.
  • Thermoregulation: More efficient thanks to a well-developed fat layer and improved perspiration capacity.
  • Skin microflora: more stable and diversified.
  • Sensitivity: Although the skin is generally more resistant, some adults may have sensitive or reactive skin.
skinanatomy - Vernixa

Who we are

We've created the perfect routine for cleansing and moisturizing baby skin.

Our products are:

  • Made in France 🇫🇷
  • 100% ingredients of natural origin 🌱
  • Approved by pediatricians and dermatologists
  • Tested under pediatric and dermatological supervision
  • Adapted from birth
  • For sensitive, dry, atopic skin
  • Formulated by Prof. Dr. Nabila Belhaj (Ph.D)
  • Compatible with pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Made with our patented active ingredient, Lipidic V®.

Customer Reviews

RO** Ch*********
RO** Ch*********
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I use Hydra Lavant daily to cleanse my four-year-old daughter: a real sensation of care on application, a delicate foam, a product that rinses off easily and leaves a perceptible protective film. Even after drying, the skin is supple and emollient. My daughter no longer feels any tightness, even in this winter season. As for me, I use it to remove my make-up in the shower, it's super gentle on the face and removes make-up residue without aggression. At last, a cleanser in which every ingredient has added value, and which truly respects fragile skin!
Dj****** C
Dj****** C
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My skin is better cared for As someone who neglected skincare, Vernixa was a revelation. The light application has simplified my routine, leaving my skin feeling well cared for and radiant.
Vernixa Hydra Cream
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As someone with extremely sensitive skin, I'm normally very reluctant to use them. But the Vernixa cream has changed all that! Its natural composition soothed my skin without causing irritation.

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