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A Story of Passion and Dedication

At Vernixa, every formula tells a story, the story of an unwavering passion for natural cosmetics and a personal quest to bring truly effective, gentle care to even the most sensitive skin. This story begins with Dr. Nabila Belhaj, our founder, and her unique career in the world of beauty and well-being.

The Beginning of a Dream

Nabila has always been fascinated by the power of natural ingredients and their ability to transform the skin. Her interest in cosmetics is not just professional, but deeply personal. The birth of his daughter was the catalyst for Vernixa. Observing the delicate demands of her baby’s skin, Nabila felt an urgent need to create products that cared for, protected and respected the extreme sensitivity of toddler skin.

A Vision Born of Empathy

Nabila’s journey has not been without its challenges. She has witnessed the daily struggles of many people with skin problems, from infants to adults. These experiences have strengthened his determination to find solutions that are not only effective, but also safe and natural. Vernixa is the fruit of this vision – a brand that combines science and nature to offer gentle yet powerful skincare.

The Realization of a Dream

For Nabila, Vernixa is much more than a cosmetics brand. It’s the realization of a lifelong dream, a mission to bring relief and comfort to much-needed skin. Each product is the result of in-depth research, scientific innovation and a deep understanding of the skin’s needs.

A Commitment to Quality and Nature

At Vernixa, we firmly believe that quality and respect for nature go hand in hand. Our products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients, tested and approved by dermatologists and pediatricians. We are committed to offering skin care products that respect and nourish the skin, while preserving the environment.


Vernixa’s story is one of passion transformed into mission. A mission to care for the most delicate skin with love, science and respect for nature. Join us on this journey to discover natural beauty and well-being.

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