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A researcher with a passion for life and science

After earning a PhD in 2011 specializing in lipids and fats, I spent a decade working for international companies dedicated to creating specialized ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

Over the years, I have enriched the scientific world with several publications and filed 8 patents.

My journey, rich in experience and discovery, has led me to create a revolutionary solution for dry and sensitive skin. Committed to innovation and research, I continually strive to push back the boundaries of science in the service of skin well-being. My values, combining scientific expertise and a skin-centred approach, are reflected in every Vernixa product.

Thanks to my vision and dedication, Vernixa promises to transform the world of dermo-cosmetics.

portrait dr nabila belhaj phd skincare specialist founder - Vernixa

The Beginning of a Dream

I’ve always been fascinated by nature’s secrets, especially when it comes to skincare. I’ve spent many years exploring, testing and discovering the most precious ingredients for our cosmetic formulas.

A Vision Born of Empathy

What really motivated me was my family. Being a mother is an extraordinary experience. Seeing my little girl’s delicate skin, I felt a compelling need to create special products that care for, protect and respect this unique sensitivity.

And so Vernixa was born. It’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned.

So I created Lipidic V®, our patented biomimetic lipid complex. Inspired by the lipids in the thin, whitish, waxy layer that covers babies’ skin at birth, it offers all the protective, nourishing and moisturizing benefits we so desperately need.

The Realization of a Dream

Like all organs, babies’ skin continues to develop after birth.

We’ve created the perfect routine to support it and provide the ingredients it needs to function optimally.

For me, Vernixa is much more than just a dermo-cosmetics brand. It’s the realization of a lifelong dream, a mission to prevent the skin discomforts and problems that 60% of babies suffer from today.

Every product we develop is the result of in-depth research, scientific innovation and a deep understanding of the skin’s needs.

Choosing Vernixa means choosing to give babies’ skin the best possible start. It’s choosing a skincare product designed to complement and continue the protection that nature has initiated with vernix.

Vernixa’s story is one of passion transformed into mission.

A mission to care for the most delicate skin with love, science and respect for nature.

Because your baby’s skin deserves the care that nature has provided and the protection that science can offer.

Together, let’s listen to sensitive skin!

Prof. Dr. Nabila Belhaj (Ph.D)

portrait dr nabila belhaj phd skincare specialist founder vernixa dn702 - Vernixa

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